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Er planet

​Jan 2020




A machine for making planets.

Design of mechanical devices as a process to create a planet in order to bring out the performance power of manufacturing.

Created to measure what kind of human beings and how much impact manufacturing in an area like outer space, which is emotional like crafts and not rational like products, is all as it is.  Starting from making an electric kiln by metal barrel, And we imagine a device that can be used as the next process by making a potter's wheel device, and turning it. While selecting the raw materials for the planet, we will add a helium gas tank for inflating balloons and a blower for sprinkling iron sand on the sphere and dripping glaze. Gradually, it fits like a sculpture, but it has movement, and the pure part of manufacturing was extracted. It will become a device that will continue to be completed because it will break someday like a planet.



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